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The RG adjustments in Genoa via Adamoli 317-315  in Genoa, has authorized many brands and offers a service that has not eguali.Grazie experience gained from 50 years can boast a technical service at the top Italia.Infatti is supported by modern machinery and qualified personnel for the rectification of engines and repair and servicing of generators nautical and marine engines of any type, diesel and gasoline. It has a mobile workshop for on-site with the replacement of parts on site, or if this is not possible can bring the piece to the workshop to be serviced or repaired without depending on anybody

Turbines, heat exchangers, review publications, hydro, fuel injection pumps, yanamar, lugger, northern lights, kilopak, Kohler, Lombardini, john deere, castoldi, universal joints Eurocardan 2000 with balancing .

Brands authorized parts and service 24-24h 7 days 7 365 days a year.


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