Rent a resistive load bank (Load Bank) 200 kW


Dimensions (approximate): mm. 1150 x 870 x 950 (height), Load Bank approximate weight of 220 kg.

The reliability and practicality of our new Load Bank “Froment ASCO 3020” up to 200 kW (adjustable from the control panel from 1 kW to 200 kW, 1 kW step) to test power systems can prevent risk of damage to the engine and optimize the running-in period for new generators or after a complete overhaul.

Load bank is used to:
• test and validate on-board or terrestrial power generation system;

  • perform commissioning and break-in period on new generators;
  • pre-check and break-in period on reconditioned generators;
  • perform tests on maintenance models.


The load bank is operated by its own panel or by a remote control panel connected to the device with a cable 30 meters (approx.100 ft) long.

Our Load Bank is portable, small and compact, quiet (compared to other devices with similar characteristics) and efficient.

Remote Control Load Bank

Remote Control

At the end of each rental period we provide the electronic log (journal) of all 7 parameters measured, second by second (Volts and Amperes for each line, frequency) during the period of actual use.
The noise from the cooling fan is 69dBA ± 3dBA at 50Hz, 3 mt. distance, 90° from the air flow. The Load Bank can work at outside temperatures from -10° C to + 40° C with humidity up to 90% RH / “non-condensing”.
Our Load Bank complies with international safety standards, it is “CE” marked to confirm correspondence with EMC and Low Voltage.
Dimensions (approximate and off from the trailer): mm. 1150 x 870 x 950 (height); Load Bank approximate weight is 220 kg (without moving trailer).



Rental includes:
Load Bank on its trailer;
Remote control with 30 mt. cable;
4 lines of power cables with double protection, 30 mt. each, with connectors on load bank side and terminals on generator side;
Power cable for fan and Load Bank controls (Load Banks needs mains connection to operate).

Our Customer Care dept. is available for information and quotations.

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