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RG Rettifiche Genovesi

R.G. Rettifiche Genovesi s.r.l.

RG Rettifiche Genovesi was born from the merger of the two oldest grinding workshops in Genoa, "Perasso Centro Motori" and "OARM". These two companies that have been operating in the engine grinding sector for over 50 years, today, thanks to their merger, can guarantee a complete and top quality service taking care of every single detail. The company specializes in sale, overhaul, installation and service of industrial, automotive and marine engines, and also offers the repair of drive shafts, waterjets (hydrojets) and turbochargers.

It also has a mechanical workshop with all-sizes vehicle lifting platforms to be able to operate directly on cars and vans of all brands and types.
The new premises in via Adamoli, large and spacious, cover an area of ??800 square meters. The new premises are equipped with the most modern equipment, such as the ultrasonic washing machine and a 200kW load bench for testing generators.

R.G Rettifiche Genovesi has always been attentive to quality, and has taken care of every single detail, with passion, for over 50 years.


- The engines, both land and sea, are overhauled with the aid of cutting-edge tools and with the support of qualified and tested technicians on the test bench. Full support service 24 hours a day, 7/7.
- Grinding and workshop in the same premises, to guarantee a fast and complete service.
- Since 2000 the activity of the mechanical workshop has expanded into the nautical sector, with maintenance and repair services carried out in the marinas throughout Liguria, with services also made in France; RG Rettifiche offers assistance for Italy for the repair of yachts on small and medium-sized boats. There are many serviced ports on the western Ligurian Riviera and the eastern Ligurian Riviera; the mobile workshop carries out on-site interventions for repairing engines of all brands, repair of on-board generators, mechanical repairs on board and repair of propeller drive axles, repair and overhaul of turbochargers, replacement of AC electric generators on marine generators, overhaul and repair of pump injection and injectors, electronic diagnosis of generators and engines.


RG Rettifiche is specialized and authorized workshop for:
- Yanmar Marine engines
Marine on-board generators:
- Northern Lights
- Zenoro (formerly Kilopak generators)
- Lugger engines by Northern Lights
- John Deere
- Kohler Power system
- WFM generators

- Lombardini Agricultural Engines
- Ruggerini Motori (including Acme)
* Lombardini engines are now part of the Kohler Company group.

Tender repair and authorized waterjet repair and overhaul:
- Castoldi Italy.

SIDE-POWER authorized repair and service,
Vetus filters and spare parts,
Lister Petter spare parts.


Repair and overhaul of transmission shafts of all brands and types (with Eurocardan2000 spare parts) of which we overhaul or rebuild the transmission shaft, flanges, crosses, sliding sleeves.