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Rettifiche Genovesi offers its customers a large area of ??its premises used as a mechanical workshop. Private customers, public companies, transporters, construction contractors can directly entrust their car, van, truck, lorry, vintage car for repairs that include complete engine overhaul to small mechanics.
Periodic service for any brand of car, replacement of filters, brakes, shock absorbers, mufflers, belts, turbochargers. We carry out electronic diagnoses with sophisticated self-diagnosis programs for all brands. We take care of the periodic testing required by law ("MOT") of your vehicle and if you have entrusted your vehicle to us we will notify you when it is running out. We recharge the air conditioning and we can find out the leaks in your system with state-of-the-art machinery. With our very high resolution Olimpus camera, we can carry out inspections with video and photos of the interior of your engine in search of damage by disassembling a few details, saving money and planning with certainty the right intervention for your vehicle. We overhaul or rebuild the drive shaft of your van, truck, off-road vehicle, or we modify it to make it more resistant. We repair the kingpin, front axle bushings, steering bushings, of vans, trucks, vintage cars. The classic car is becoming a real job in our workshop, born out of personal passion, more and more customers entrust not only their engine in our hands but the entire car to have it restored, and therefore we can offer you spare parts and repairs of particular of unobtainable pieces or spare parts found among our countless contacts with old warehouses or through the web, in order to bring back to your collector’s vehicle. All work on your car is guaranteed by specialized personnel, and by the consolidated experience of our workshop department that has been operating since 1984 alongside the engine rectification department that has been operating in Genoa and in the Ligurian territory since 1950. The mechanical workshop combined with our auto parts warehouse and engine rectification guarantees a complete service without further intermediaries that allow us to be economical and competitive as well as fast in repairs.


Rettifiche Genovesi has a resistive load bank, up to a power of 200 KW which can be given to customers with a rental service.
The Load Bank is positioned on a trolley that can be delivered to your mooring dock and with the use of appropriately sized power cables up to 50 meters long, it can perform various load tests on the generators of your yachts at different power consumption, to check if the engine and the generator provide all the original electromechanical characteristics, or perform the tests required by the certification experts in the periodic checks, especially after a complete service or a repair of the engine or of the AC generator in all its parts. The load bank allows you to test generators on the full power and frequency control.
This will be possible thanks to a staff of experienced mechanics and electricians who can be available quickly and professionally.
The Load Bank can be hired on a daily base, for as long as necessary for the test (or Break-In) which in most cases lasts for a few days; at the end a report (list of values as recorded by the Load Bank control unit) is released on a USB memory key (provided by the Customer) that can be consulted.
Our mobile workshop will take care of all the connections from the generator of the boat or yacht, from the engine room to the dock, where the load bank will be positioned, and via a remote control it can be controlled by the foreman to carry out all the tests starting from a minimum load. of 1 KW up to a maximum of 200 KW.


Rettifiche Genovesi has a mobile workshop equipped for on-site services for our customers.
The experience of the first "external" services in the early 2000s led us to create our fully equipped mobile workshop dedicated to the types of services requested by our customers.
Our van has a compressor, generator, removable vice, welding machine, as well as a large shelving where the necessary tools are stored to guarantee all our work in complete autonomy on the yachts moored in the ports or at the construction sites, to repair the operating machines., near a broken vehicle along the road.
Technicians and mobile workshop are always available for quick service at the quay where your boat is moored, especially for the maintenance of generators of the brands we are authorized service.
Each intervention is guaranteed and is official for the following brands:
Northern Lights - Lugger - Kohler - Lombardini - Yanmar marine - John Deere - (Kilopak) now Zenoro - WFM generators - LISTER PETTER - ACME - RUGGERINI - INTERMOTOR - SLANZI.
We have official diagnostic programs for all the brands we represent and the constant updating of our technicians guarantees you professional service and quick repairs.
We can work as experts for the repair of marine and industrial engines of many other brands such as AIFO- PERKINS - MERCEDES - CUMMINS - VOLVO - DEUTZ
We represent Castoldi Jet, manufacturer of hydrojet tenders, and we work for the repair and service on tenders, engines and waterjets, we are equipped with a trolley for transporting the tender, when possible, to our workshop for the most complex repairs, and we collaborate with specialized companies for the repairs of their hull and tubulars offering a complete service on these very important boats for yachts where they are used as Rescue Tender or Guest Tender to reach ports and beaches when the boat is moored in the harbor.
We also intervene on small boats for the replacement or repair of the engine and their spare parts as an authorized service, such as the YANMAR sterndrives, the Main Engines YANMAR, JOHN DEERE, LUGGER, VETUS, LISTER PETTER, as well as the countless other brands of which we have been experts for many years.

RG RETTIFICHE GENOVESI, in Engine business for 70 Years!

From the experience and the merger of two of the oldest engine grinding workshops in Genoa we can offer the experience that has characterized their work since 1950
The grinding of the engines and its components is now guaranteed by a constant updating of our precision machinery, in recent years we have invested a lot to renew the machinery in order to offer a final product that can be compared to the new one.
Your engine is disassembled and subjected to a thorough washing of every detail, the ultrasonic washing machine with appropriate detergents cleans every component reaching the most inaccessible places, combined with a sandblasting system with glass microspheres will give an appearance like new to every worked detail allowing us to make a careful and precise examination of the damage that we should repair.
The next phase involves a whole series of dimensional tests to decide which processes we should perform in the repair and the list of new spare parts that must be had to do the repair work; from this step we can make a precise quote and you will be offered the cost of your repair.
From your approval, our entire processing system is set in motion that brings together the production part that processes the individual components to prepare them for assembly and the office that orders all the necessary spare parts and their supply from our internal warehouse or from the suppliers in Italy and abroad.
The assembly phase completes the repair and where possible the testing phase allows us to verify the return to full functionality of your engine or component we have restored.

Specifically, we can offer you a wide range of mechanical processing:
- Washing in an ultrasonic washing machine
- Flattening of the cylinder head or mechanical components such as manifolds or flanges
- Turning works of all kinds
- Adjustment of the seats through a fully automated and computerized work center with the possibility of a final report of the machining quotas
- Grinding of valves
- Replacement of seats
- Replacement of guides
- Hydraulic test to look for any cracking of heads, exchangers, engine blocks
- Grinding of crankshafts
- Overhaul of mechanical and electronic injectors
- Revision of mechanical and common rail injection pumps
- Borings
- Welding
- Grinding discs and brake drums




New self-centering valve seat grinding machine with digital valve seal test.
With this machine, our company is one step ahead of others thanks to modern and fast technology for valve seat grinding, increasingly performing, suitable for the entire range of cylinder heads starting from motorcycles to industrial engines.


New sandblasting machine with ceramic microspheres: now the mechanical parts will also have their lifting, thanks to the jet of air and ceramic sand, much more resistant and durable than glass microspheres, which guarantees a cleaner surface and also greater cleaning of the manifolds, intake and exhaust.

CASE STUDY: Failing Generator

Service on Yacht New Vogue2, generator failing, causing automatic shutdown.
In this case, the right generator of the boat went into automatic shutdown due to an invalid signal from some sensor. Connecting the computer to the generator, the error led us to temporarily replace the engine control unit that communicates with the control panel. Unfortunately the generator is not included in the list of Brands of our official assistance, but the customer asked us for a technical opinion as many components are similar to ours. When we can, we never leave the client in trouble for a breakdown and especially a yacht ready to leave for Monte Carlo with clients waiting for a dream vacation.


CASE STUDY: Castoldi Hydroget

Complete Overhaul, Castoldi Hydrojet


BOAT SHOW, Genoa 2020

60° Salone Nautico di Genova 2020


La RG Rettifiche Genovesi ospitata dal gruppo Saim Marine e Cartello, come Master dealer per i marchi Yanmar Marine - Hidea Motors Outboard - Kohler Generators.

RG Rettifiche Genovesi hosted by Saim Marine Group and Cartello, as Master Dealer for Yanmar Marine - Hidea Outboard Engines - Kohler Generators Brands.